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Lizard Surf Traffic is a free premium public service offering members advertising at absolutely no cost.

Lizard Surf is a free manual traffic exchange specially designed to give all members a greater visibility on the internet and supply a substantial increase in unique traffic from all over the world for all members.  There is nothing to buy ever at Lizard Surf


Lizard Surf was previously a site working hard to make a profit from members much like every other traffic exchange out there.  Lizard Surf like other traffic exchanges once offered premium membership levels for a nominal one time fee or regular subscription.  Free members received generous and abundant advertising at no cost.  Paid members received significantly more service at a nominal price.  Lizard Surf earned more than enough profit to justify its existence and enjoyed many loyal members who supported the exchange with monthly payments.

We discontinued the original paid Lizard Surf, Poetry Surf, Lizard Surf, Loquacious Lair, Gecko Hits and Smoljanovic Traffic after a few years of service mostly for personal reasons.  The owner found it difficult to operate five traffic exchanges and still maintain an extremely high level of meticulous care.  Lizard Surf was selected to continue as free but fully premium traffic exchanges while some of the others were converted to blogs.


We decided to make Lizard Surf and Poetry Surf completely free and exist as a free service available to the public.

Reaping rewards or monetary benefits will never be our purpose to exist.   Our reward is supplying free website advertising to content members.  We are also happy to redistribute the previous earnings received by the old sites back to members by offering totally free services.


Lizard Surf will never ask a member for any type of payment.  All service will remain free of cost to everyone forever.  Other traffic exchanges will offer less to free members and more to paying members.  We offer premium services at no cost.


Members get 20 site and banner capacity, 1 to 1 surfing ratio, 7 referral levels, fast 3-second timer, 300 monthly credits and 250 credits per referral at no cost ever.

Poetry Surf

Visit our other totally free Poetry Surf manual traffic exchange for even greater internet exposure.  Poetry Surf is also an absolutely free website and banner advertising exchange much like this one.

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More info is available on the internal page Lizard Surf Traffic About.  Be sure to take a moment to visit out new Facebook page Lizard Surf Manual Traffic Exchange

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